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A specific type of edge on a flower, where the edge is of a different color than that of the flower's base color. Picotees can have borders or margins which are lighter or darker, but they should be of a contrasting color.


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This term refers to the amount of scent a flower may exhibit. Daylilies have a very light, pleasing scent. Some cultivars are more heavily scented than others. Scent may vary with the time of the day and weather conditions.


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We define large blooms as being equal to or greater than 4.5". Measured by AHS guidelines, "Imagine a wire circle that is just large enough for the average or typical sized flower to pass through without touching. The diameter of the circle in inches will be the diameter of the flower. The main thing to remember is to measure as naturally standing - do not uncurl..."


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A flower that opens sometime after late day and remains open during the night and perhaps all or part of the following day (in which case it may also be an EXTENDED bloomer.)

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