Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many plants do I get for the published price? 

A. We price our plants by single crowns (one bare root plant). Prices of most plants are around $10.00 for a single crown. Since most experts recommend at least three crowns in a planting, we give a 20% discount on additional plants when purchasing 3 or more of the same SKU. (Example: three of our $10 plants would be $10 +  $8 + $8 = $26. And, each additional plant – of that SKU – is $8.) Use our contact form to request multiple pricing if it is not available on the site.

Q. Do you sell potted plants?

A. For LOCAL pickup only, we can provide a single crown in a one-gallon container for $3.00 over the posted single crown price. Please do NOT ask us to ship potted plants. All shipped orders must be for bare root crowns.

Q. How do you ship? How long does it take? How much is shipping?

A. We ship via USPS Priority. We offer free standard USPS shipping on orders over $100.  The actual cost and estimated delivery date will be computed during checkout. Generally, we only charge the actual USPS rate (plus the cost of any non-standard shipping container). The following information was taken from the USPS site, flat rate shipping takes 1, 2, or 3 business days based on where your package is being sent. Charges begin at $6.65.

Q. What is the delay from order to ship?

A. We must dig and prepare the plants for shipping. Therefore, we reserve one business day (M-F) following your order to get your plants on the way. We provide tracking numbers when the order ships.

Q. What is your phone number? How do I call you?

A. All of our customers receive an electronic receipt with our phone number listed. If you have not previously placed an order with us (or, you have misplaced your receipt), just click on the blue “phone” icon at the bottom of each page. When you send us your information, we will call you back. No long distance or connection charges.

Q. Do you have instructions / tips for growing daylilies?

A. Check our blog (https://fleursdeviv.com/blog/) for articles on how to grow your new daylilies. We routinely publish tips and fun facts about daylilies. Consider subscribing to our blog and get notified of new articles, growing tips, and special offers! Just enter your email in the form on the home page.

Q. Do you publish a Privacy Policy, and/or Terms of Service/Use document?

A. Yes. Both documents are under the “About” menu. Here are direct links: Privacy Policy & Terms of Service.

Q. Is it safe to provide credit/debit card and other personal information over the website?

A. Nothing is absolutely secure – even purchases in brick and mortar businesses. This site is secure but if you prefer, we  can take your order via the phone, just request that we call you.

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